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Living in the UK

This program is designed specifically for people who have recently moved to the UK from Hong Kong. It aims to support individuals and families and help them successfully integrate into their new communities.

Work & Culture

Looking for work in UK could be daunting for the newcomers, in particular if they have not studied or worked here before.

Formed part of the " Living in the UK" programme, this online workshop series aims to help:

  • Job seekers and entrepreneurs to enhance their employment or business opprotunities.

  • Homemakers and retirees to learn new skills for their own personal growth or to support their family.

We have the privilege of having professionals from different industries, experienced managers and successful entrepreneurs as speakers and facilitators of the workshops.

After attending the workshop(s), you are expected to:

  • Increase awareness of British culture and work culture.

  • Gain better understanding about making job applications or starting new businesses.

  • Build network and connect with more people.

Past Events

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